I Should Have Known…

Often, when people hear that I’ve written a book, they ask, “Why romance?”

Well, I’ve loved romance novels ever since I picked up my first one, Silver Springs by Carolyn Lampman.  But last weekend, I realized that, perhaps, I was destined (doomed?) to romance from the beginning.  And the reason why is not pretty.

I was out to dinner with some friends who have known me forever.  We started talking about those shows that we loved as children, and wondered how we ever lived life without the internet as a companion to our TV watching.  Now, as fans, we have so much more information at our fingertips.  You can find spoilers on almost anything if you just can’t stand the summer break between seasons.

Well, I’ve never yet succumbed to that.  I don’t look ahead to the end of the book, and I don’t spend so much time wondering what’s going to happen on my shows that I give in and allow myself a spoiler or two.  It’s just not me.

Except once.

I was more than a little obsessed with the show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  At the end of season two Clark proposes to Lois.  I could not handle the suspense, so I wrote an ending for them.  I was reminded of my stint as a fangirl over dinner last week.

Thankfully, I don’t have this, nor do I really remember what I wrote.  But looking back, I think I should have known that this was a sign that my urge to write a romance wouldn’t stay hidden forever.


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2 Responses to I Should Have Known…

  1. I never saw the show but I do love romance because I WANT HEA when I read a book. Heck to the naysayers. I knew I’d write (or continue reading) once I read Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Next stop was Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley. And that was it for me!


    • I read a Bertrice Small early on, too! Don’t remember which one, but it totally continued my road into romance. I’ve missed out on Kathleen Woodiwiss so far, but I think she might be too iconic for me to stay away from much longer.

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