Anne in her own words:

“Exploring Romance & The Modern Woman,” USA Today Happy Every After post contributor.

“10 Best Christmas Romance Novels,” Publisher’s Weekly article

“Seven Smart Romance Books,” Publisher’s Weekly article

“Why Smart Women Read Romance Novels,” Huffington Post article

“Anne Browning Walker on Knowing the Rules of the Game” inAuthors interview

Listen to her author podcast: BEA Podcast

25 Things that Make Anne Smile

Reviews are in on The Booby Trap!

This is a really fine piece of writing and while it was thought-provoking it was also very entertaining.  The descriptive language was used with an economy of words–making each word do its job….  So I hope you will consider this book and find it stimulating to the brain as well as a very entertaining read.  I’m so glad I found it. – Book Binge

It takes a talented writer to build the characters sufficiently to make this work, and new fiction author Anne Browning Walker does it well. The setting of Boston is well-drawn (it’s my favorite city, so I’m super picky) and the characters, including secondary ones, are fleshed out while experiencing real conflict. This is a very impressive debut book! – Tori MacAllister

4.5 out of 5 stars!!! Showing off a little more than you, want to might end up helping out in the long run. Join Trip and Bambi as they discover how a misconception of who you are can really change your life…sometimes all for the better! – From Me to You…Video, Photography & Book Reviews

I like how the author develops the story and throws in some twists and turns that you don’t really expect. The book is fresh and fun and an easy read for a nice evening or weekend. Great for curling up with and getting your romance fix! – Two Classy Chics

I thought this book was funny, and totally fell in love with Bambi’s character. On more than one occasion, I found myself thinking “serves him (Trip) right!” lol This was a fun, fast read, and a great one to pack along on vacation and waste some time reading by the pool or on the plane.  – Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

Bambi especially is just brilliant, she is exactly the type of person I would want to know personally, the kind of woman I can see myself wanting to befriend.  – Caveat Lector

If you like chick-lit, feminist women, hot men and some funny misunderstanding you should give The Booby Trap a try. – Fighting Dreamer

If you’re looking for a fun, short summer beach read, this one is a great start! – Lonely Owl Books

The fact that The Booby Trap was centered on a feminist took me by surprise, and was a very inventive and creative direction for this novel. – Book Whisperer

For those readers who enjoy a straight romance with a happily ever after, this is your story! – My Secret Romance

The Booby Trap is a cute little romance about making assumptions. – Book Trib

It was fun to follow [Trip and Bambi] as they navigate the pitfalls of negotiating a relationship built upon assumptions. – Smitten with Reading


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